Giving service

Monday I went to a meeting I’d been invited to, the directors meeting of the local homeless nightshelter where I volunteer. That volunteering has been such a great thing for me – I have a real connection with the guests, even though I’m probably as different from most of them as can be (most are men in their 40s-60s) yet I relate to them in so many ways. And they to me. It’s been wonderful building some relationships up there and being able to speak a word of hope.

They’re desperate for volunteers as apparently not everyone enjoys the work as much as I do (why?!) and especially to carry the responsibility of being directors they have trouble finding people willing to commit. That’s why they asked me to come to that meeting, to see if I’d consider becoming a director, being that with my marketing/fundraising background I’d probably be able to help in various ways. I’m still considering.

Anyway, the story I’m telling is this – I walked in, and who chaired the meeting? A man I know fairly well from AA! (I did keep his anonymity, of course). It just made me think… 12-Step Programs are really about giving back. He is doing that in a very practical way. That’s what it’s all about… it’s keeping him sober, and it’s keeping me abstinent.

I just love this program.


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