Managing life

My life isn’t unmanageable in the food sense, but at the moment I very much feel that my life is “unmanaged”! I keep trying to organize myself, but there’s work calendars and various personal calendars, commitments I have with my faith community, projects I do on a voluntary basis, etc. etc. and I can’t seem to get myself organized into ONE system!

I mean, I can write down deadlines and key dates, and I do, but I feel lost in a sea of unjoined tasks and to-dos. I’m single, so it’s only myself to keep track of, but I’m not even getting anywhere with that!

To everyone else who maybe felt that this wasn’t a Greysheet related post: it is! It’s a problem I only have *because* I am Greysheet abstinent, because now my life gets filled up with things other than food and the simplicity of desperation in the food fog is gone. I hope this encourages some newcomers. It should! Life is GREAT, I just wish I had more of a plan!


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