This awesome gift

I just want to connect with you. It’s so much easier to read the shares on Greynet and I really feel connected to those of you who share regularly, but if I don’t do it myself, then others can’t benefit from my experience, strength and hope the way I benefit from theirs. I know I mustn’t take Greynet for granted, it’s only helpful when people are willing to share.

But abstinence, right now, is such a given in my life. I’m blessed beyond words with an encouraging and loving sponsor, a willing sponsee, and gorgeous food on a daily basis! I eat what I love most, every single day, and guilt-free. And what does that give me? A body I can actually like, a weight BELOW my lowest adult weight ever (as of this month!), peace of mind and freedom.

Yesterday a colleague in the kitchen at work was eating lunch and reading a diet book as she ate her dry, unappetizing carb with nothing on it. I felt sorry – she’s not one of us, she’s merely a normal eater trying to lose a few lbs., so she can’t enjoy the solution of Greysheet… she goes from one diet to the next, I’ve been watching her. In fact, most women at my office do. I am so fortunate that I don’t have to look for a new solution every few weeks.

My solution works. This Greysheet works!! If you’re new and struggling, hear this – get yourself in gear and get through those first few days and weeks, give it 90 days, please! There is a freedom and a happiness on the other side like nothing else.


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