Abstinence is beautiful

Sadly this morning, my sponsee hasn’t called. I’m worried. But I can make nobody be abstinent – all I can do is be there with my experience, strength, and hope. God has to do the rest.

I am grateful that God has done for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I am abstinent and life is good. Summer is coming and I don’t have to sweat and hide and jiggle when I walk. I just have such a positive outlook on life now!

And that’s even if a kitchen assistant looked at me like I came from another planet when, yesterday at a conference in London, I asked for my food to be warmed up. She said, “But we have all those special diet options!” and I said, “I’m safer bringing my own food. I will eat it cold if I have to, but I’d rather have it warm. Please could you microwave it?” and eventually she did.  What’s that to me? Nothing at all!

My life is awesome. I’m abstinent. Thank God.


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