Five months

I tend to be VERY careful with my food, when I weigh it, to concentrate and make sure I get everything right. I’m a very thorough person anyway – the kind who is always on time, do what I promise to do, do not forget things. Well, I messed up. The past few days I’ve been weighing out the wrong amount of protein for breakfast, even after committing the CORRECT amount I still weighed out the WRONG amount! I don’t know what happened, how I could have got things wrong like that. Goes to show me, ever to be vigilant! It wasn’t self-will, though, a simple honest (if incomprehensible) mistake, so I’m happy to report that today is my 5-month anniversary.

I packed up some boxes for my move yesterday, and today I’m sore and will just go to bed. Glad I started early, I’ll have plenty of time to get everything sorted and as stress-free as possible. Working actively on not resenting my housemates.

The bottom line is, I don’t eat, and that’s the best I can do. It’s a gift beyond imagination. I got an email today from a diet program I used to belong to, and as I read it, it occurred to me just how extreme that program was – and I thought I needed that! Today I don’t live in sacrifice; I don’t deny myself everything that’s good; I eat – gasp – a BALANCED diet! I’ve always been one for extremes, from no-fat veganism to fat fasts/low- to no carb. Never the middle way. My body’s been through so much! Of course, in a sense Greysheet is also an extreme, but nutrition-wise it’s actually an extremely balanced approach for where I’ve been before.



I look forward to my EVERY meal. And I relish every bite. No guilt; no sacrifice; no negotiations with myself. FREEDOM.


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