This simple program

Abstinence is my lifesaver. It’s the skeleton around which I get to flesh out a full life. It’s not a straightjacket. I don’t push the boundaries. They are there to protect me.

Just wanted to say that I’ve really appreciated the posts from oldtimers recently that have outlined, once again, the simplicity of this program – it’s simple, but it’s absolutely no-compromise. I love that, it keeps me sane! I weigh out my meals to the exact allowable weight. Then I sit down and eat them. Then I wait at least four hours for the next meal, and I use this in-between time to live a life. And drink water, black tea or coffee, or any other abstinent beverages. It’s so simple, the food is so abundant, choices are plenty… what more could I ask for? I get SO much more variety and choices now than I ever did outside of Greysheet, because I would imprison myself in one diet or another, with binges cycling in between to ensure my weight wasn’t moving (or if it was, then only upward). Why on EARTH would I want to push the boundaries that are keeping me safe?

Answer is, I don’t. I have such freedom within Greysheet. I can choose anything I want on it! I don’t care whether it’s “light” or “heavy” (in fact, I love eating heavy!), because my weight is my sponsor’s problem, not mine. I only have to keep my eyes on my own plate and make sure I eat exactly what I have committed, in the exact amounts I have committed… if I do that, then I have got Greysheet abstinence. That’s all.


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