A full life

I mainly just want to claim my seat, because I’ve been reading messages but haven’t managed to send anything in days. This is because life is full now! My new job, a permanent one, actually requires me to think. It’s challenging getting to grips with things, having to plan ahead etc. – as a temp, that’s one thing you never need to do!

My days are now so different. I get up at 4:40am, take the train in to work (taking my bicycle on the train because it’s about 4 miles from the station to work), and get home at about 7:00pm. Then, most evenings I have social/church engagements starting at 7:30pm, to 10:30 or so. What this means is that on Satudays, I do food prep in a big way. During the week, if my food wasn’t in place, there is NO WAY I would be able to live life.

I thank God every day for abstinence. It’s only with that backbone that I can organise my life enough to be able to do this. Because I am abstinent, I can make it work – a day at a time.


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