Scotland trip

I’ve been out of touch over the long weekend because my housemates and I went to Scotland. Staying in this lodge right by the seashore, we had a wonderful time to spend together and get to know each other better (and amazingly, the weather was awesome!).

I didn’t have a particularly easy time with the food. I’ve travelled abstinently many times, and the logistics of it weren’t an issue, but with only 60 days of abstinence backing me up I often struggled with envy and wanting to eat what they ate. Part of that, I’m sure, was also the fact that travel food is rarely #10, so the food I ate was by necessity small and not too tasty. But I need abstinence, I need it desperately, so I would not eat despite the envy. Back home, I need to make sure that I get reconnected with all of you and recover my gratitude.


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