Day after Thanksgiving

I wouldn’t have had to, but I celebrated Thanksgiving. It’s my favourite holiday – a time to reflect and give thanks and get together with loved ones. So I organised my closest loved ones to get together and have a meal together, and we each named one thing that we are thankful for that happened in the last year. Mine was the fact that I moved here to the UK almost a year ago and in this time have gained a family of people around me who truly care, truly know me (!), and truly love me. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude – I never had that. It’s not superficial, it’s real, and I am grateful.

Why can I be me, can I be transparent and open? Because I don’t have anything to hide. My food, and my life, are out in the open. Because I was abstinent, I could enjoy the fellowship of getting together and soak in the loving friendships last night. I didn’t have to wonder whether I could have seconds or not; whether anybody had seen me have the third piece; when the heck they would all get out so that I could eat the leftovers. I could
BE while they ate, and enjoy my awesome #10 meal that had a beginning and, this is crucial, an END.

This morning I was saddened to see an email from South Beach Diet (they send me their newsletter and I can’t figure out how to unsubscribe) titled, “Getting Back on Track After Thanksgiving”. I thank my HP that I don’t have to try to do that. There’s no track, only a path to recovery. I don’t have the option to get on and off “the track”. That’s for normal eaters. I can stay in recovery or go down the drain, it’s as simple as that – and for today, I choose to stay in recovery, no matter what!


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