Boredom and freedom

I have a job interview later today. This job that I’m currently at just bores me silly. Right now I’m counting down to lunch (92 minutes!). I have had some good suggestions from others, that have been helpful – many thanks! I believe that this falls into “change the things I can”, so that’s what I’m trying to do.

Regarding boredom, I actually am grateful that my mind is bored in this situation – if I wasn’t on Greysheet, I’d be finding lots of ways to occupy my mind with food: surfing the Internet for support groups, diets, planning out weight-loss menus, fantasizing about food, projecting into the future, reading recipes (especially for things we don’t eat – I wouldn’t eat them, but I made lots of sweet things for my housemates; for some reason I got pleasure out of feeding them things I don’t eat)… the list is endless. At the end of the working day I would have both the perfect weight-loss diet for the next four weeks planned out, and an uncontrollable desire (and subconscious plan) to go out and overeat just one more time. Of course, I’d know exactly what foods I’d go get.

So, the fact that all these things AREN’T occupying me leaves my mind bored. Fair enough…


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