No argument, being loved

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a loved one who is like a father to me – a loving, guiding presence under whose authority I joyfully submit. He knows me very well. Yet, he was instrumental in leading me away from Greysheet… now that I’m back, and he knows it, he accepts me being on Greysheet for a season. As long as I’m open to complete healing. I used to debate this and argue about how this isn’t something that will go away, etc. etc.

What I have realised now is that he will never understand, and I don’t need to make him understand. Why argue some future point? Today I weigh and measure, and he supports it. I don’t need to convince him that I need to do this for life. I only need to do this for today – discussing and arguing about the future is a pointless, useless activity.

I weigh and measure my food today, and I thank my Higher Power that I have people around me who care so much. Even if they don’t fully understand, it’s an amazing feeling to be known and loved. I never knew.


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