I’m dealing with boredom at the moment and would appreciate any coping strategies or tips you might have. I work in a job where my bosses know that I am underused, but we are waiting for more people to come in (in Spring) so until then, they are content for me to just sit there and surf the Internet, and do the occasional bit of work that comes up.

That sounds great, and within reason that’s certainly a nice and relaxed workplace. But I’m having trouble killing eight hours! I find myself shopping, fancying a new “THING” every day, checking my bank account all the time, just trying to do something to occupy me. I play Sudoku and am getting sick of it. I’ve already read all the resources on and on (and going through the online cookbook over and over again only makes me hungry) and I keep checking my email account to see if there are any new shares… I email other Greysheeters privately to comment on their shares… but all of this only goes so far until boredom returns.


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