The fellowship

I really want to say this. This fellowship. It’s what makes all the difference to me. The inconvenience of having to call somebody every morning to commit my food; the awkwardness of contacting people I don’t really know at random times only to confirm my and their abstinence; the time spent keeping my email program open in hopes that new messages might come through; and the staying up or getting up early for phone meetings because they’re at inconvenient times for me. All of this is worth it, all of this is keeping me abstinent!

Can’t do this by myself, can’t do it in isolation. I want to be more part of the group. I wish I could afford to go to face-to-face meetings regularly (might be able to do it this week, but highly unlikely). I wish I had more time and guts to call other Greysheeters. I feel such a need to be part of the herd, not on the outside where the danger is. Inside, protected.


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