Who needs variety?

Just for today is the key for me. I need to stay in the day, not worry about the future or agonise about the past.

I’d like to shamelessly plug our own GREYSHEET RECIPES book (www.greysheetrecipes.org for those who haven’t found it yet). I never used to make many recipes from it, but now that my work really isn’t that taxing I have been taking a real look at those recipes and found out that they aren’t all that intimidating at all – some are just lengthy because the writer took no chances and spelled everything out!

I have been having the most delicious breakfast ever for the past week or so – something Dutch according to the book, but in any case, not something I would have thought up myself!

Having fun trying new things is one thing, but another thing I’ve learned is that I mustn’t feel like I need to vary my food just because it’s something you do. If I like a certain dish, I am now giving myself permission to enjoy it, even daily, as often as I want to and if I therefore eat the same lunch every single day, that’s OK! Others may need variety, but I’ve always kept to a very narrow selection of food that I’d eat over and over again – before Greysheet as well.


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