3 weeks

I’m at work and bored again. No better time than this to connect with the Greynet! I’m hoping to be able to attend the phone meeting later on, but it’s difficult as I work in an open plan office and people see me.

I keep trying to hand over my concerns with my hormonal condition to God. But I keep taking it back! Seems like I just can’t shake it off my mind. Suddenly so many things make sense, the constant low-level depression, the way my body has changed to (GS approved fruit) shape when I used to be a (fat) (not Greysheet-approved fruit) shape. I had put this one down to losing weight in a weird way. The itch/pain in my lower belly that’s inside and obviously impossible to scratch, driving me mad sometimes. Why had I never complained or even thought about these things?

I’m going to stop writing about this now, but I wish it was as easy to stop thinking about it!

Doesn’t seem like I have any other news, because this has taken up so much mindspace that everything else I thought I could share relates back to this. So I’m just claiming my seat for today, to say that I don’t eat no matter what, just for today.


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