Challenges from loved ones

I’m putting this question out to the group, hoping for some insights. Especially from longterm abstinent people.

I find myself being challenged about my eating by people who sincerely care, but don’t understand. To them, my compulsive eating is in my past – but I have taken Step 1 completely and I know better. The problem is… how do I answer them? They love me – I love them – they’re not trying to sabotage me. They’re trying to lead me into what they understand as freedom.

One friend asked me the other day, “doesn’t recovery mean that you get WELL at some point? How can you be ‘in recovery’ yet not get better?”

I don’t know how to answer. I know I’m a COE, but as a Christian, I am also called to believe in a God who is able to relieve me of my condition…


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