Job loss

I’m still abstinent, and I’m still a compulsive overeater – I weigh my three meals a day off the Cambridge Greysheet, write them down, commit them to my sponsor, and don’t eat anything I haven’t committed, no matter what. I make that my #1 priority for today.

Life is dealing me a few unexpected hands these days. I can face them all because I am abstinent. In fact, I can enjoy my time because I am abstinent! My new job hasn’t worked out, and I’ll hand in my notice tomorrow… it’s just not for me. Live and learn, and that’s okay: I gave it an honest go, and I have learned that I am simply not suited for sales. Fair enough!

I just cannot believe the kind of serenity I have about this, and about things in general. No fretting. A day at a time. Thanks to Greysheet!


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