A week away

I was at a conference last week (a church thing). Food there was a challenge sometimes, but mostly it was fine. A bit repetitive: there were only two choices of raw vegetable, so I had that as my salad twice a day, every day! Ah well: because I don’t normally deprive myself, I could deal with it and know that I’d come back home into abundance of choice.  

Interestingly, it was breakfast that was the last meal I thought I’d have trouble with: but it was actually the most difficult! Because they served either full English breakfast (fried-to-death foods) or grains. We tend to take fruit for breakfast for granted, at least I do… don’t most people eat some sort of fruit for breakfast, I mean, non-Greysheeters? Anyway, there was ONE kind of fruit provided. The first day that was a Greysheet-
approved fruit that I used to hate as a child and hadn’t tried since. But since it’s allowed, I figured I’d give it a go, so I ate it: and I LOVED it! Here’s a case for trying again what you think you don’t like! The next day, though, the fruit was not Greysheet approved. Among all the busyness, I did what I had to do (ask for help), and though it took them 10 minutes to find me a Greysheet fruit, they were helpful enough. Thank Goodness I had backup proteins and everything, because I couldn’t even use any breakfast proteins they’d provided.

Apart from breakfast, though, all other meals were fine because it was buffet style, so I could go to the buffet and get as much as I thought I needed (somehow that was always more than my scale allowed! My eyes are still broken, and always will be), go back to my table and weigh it, and just discard what I’d got too much of. The weighing was actually no problem at all, nobody really asked me about it. A question every so often, a quick answer (“I’m in eating disorder recovery”) and that was that.

I loved how I could be fully present and concentrated there, the food being in its place! And I was being very social, which is normally a bit of a challenge to me (meeting new people… I’m a bit of a hermit by nature). Met lots of people.

So I just wanted to share this as an encouragement… I didn’t have to hide what I do with my food, I didn’t have to be ashamed, and because I did what we all do, I had a wonderful time: food being rather mediocre, but I was able to be present and when I got home, I had something to look forward to as well. 🙂

Greysheet is my lifeline!


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