Working environments

I started a new job this week, and I’m loving it! It’s very different to anything I’ve ever done before though, and I have a few questions – I’m sure other Greysheeters have gone before me.

It’s sales in a retail environment for a VERY high-end product. This means a certain way of presenting myself, in order to sell to people who are able to afford these products. Now during normal work hours, that’s no problem with Greysheet: I take my lunch with me and eat it when I get a break around lunchtime.

What I’m worried about is the fact that we also go to customers’ (or potential customers’) homes, by invitation, to present the products, and this is after normal hours. I can always take my dinner, but invariably I will be offered food occasionally. Also, the company organizes small exclusive events, like wine-tastings, for select customers, where I’ll of course need to be present as well.

I’m not worried that I will lose my abstinence. What I’m worried about is projecting the sort of professionalism and impeccable image that is expected of me, that will be what determines my success in a sales environment like this. I don’t want to explain my problem to a customer, putting the spotlight on ME rather than on the products I’m selling. But I feel like some discussion, or explanation upon refusing offered food/drink, will be necessary.


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