Physically weak

I feel really weak today, physically. Even lifting up my arms is effort. To be honest, this isn't just today – I've been feeling quite weak for the past few days, if not a week or two. Just chose to ignore it, but it keeps getting worse. I wonder why… I'm already making my meals as big as possible, keeping them simple and nutriciuos. Still I feel like I've just run out of fuel. I do exercise, but not too heavily: 20 minutes of cycling (to and from work), and 25 minutes of EASY running three times a week. I'm a healthy 25-year old, that can't be too much exercise!

Also, I haven't had my period in three months. Not worried about that, I could care less, but could this have a connection? Has anyone dealt with something similar? Should I ask my sponsor for more food? (I'm approaching goal, but have about 15 more lbs. to go)


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