Got a job!

I'm so excited today – I just got a job offer! This is a job I wouldn't even have considered before I got abstinent. It's a job that actually requires me to *work*! (gasp!)… good rewards for working well.

I went for three interviews, the first one a week ago, the second one on VERY short notice yesterday, and today I met with the area manager. I thought I'd really enjoy working for them, people seemed very nice and friendly, and from our conversations I really heard that it is a team environment rather than a competitive one. After the meeting today they told me they'd make their decision today and get back to me tomorrow.

Well, they didn't wait – they just called and told me they'd like to offer me the job. YAY! Yay for abstinence, which is the foundation of all this. I look professional today because fat rolls aren't bulging out everywhere, I can actually LISTEN without planning my next 25 binges or beating myself up over the last one(s), and I can take the actions I need to take, one at a time, to do a good job at what I do.

Drawback: I will have to work on Saturdays. That's inconvenient, and it means I can't make my Saturday GS meeting any more. I'm sad to have to let go of this, but I'm glad that I am now well rooted in the Winchester AA community – and of course, I'm starting up a GSA meeting here beginning tonight! This program is portable, even around Saturdays.


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