London Roundup

The London Roundup was for me a time of receiving and of learning. It also made me very homesick for the States – spending time with Americans tends to do that to me. I love and am at ease with Americans, and I’m uncomfortable with Europeans. The Roundup was no different in that respect.

The weekend was a time of receiving – gifts, time, people.

And a time of learning, both outside and within the meetings, both practical things and getting-to-know-myself things:

  • the session on dating abstinently had so much practical info, which was great.
  • the session on family relationships opened my eyes to the fact that my background is not at all unique.
  • outside sessions, I was blown away by the kindness of certain Greysheeters, people who have what I want and are what I want to be.
  • a very difficult decision involving another Greysheeter: I had to ask for what I needed, going against my VERY strong inclination to people-please. There was no way I could please this person by stating my need, in fact I was very afraid it would hurt them, but I had to state it as graciously as I possibly could and then not overexplain myself. A lesson in character.
  • also in asking for what I needed, at the hostel I stayed at I had booked one night too many and had to ask to cancel the last night. That was no problem, but they didn’t want to give the money back but instead give me a free night stay to be used within three months. I didn’t want that. I asked graciously, several times, and eventually did get the money. Keeping it pleasant all the way. The fact that this worked was very encouraging.

I’m extremely thankful for the time in London, for the work that went into it – thanks to the organisers who did a FABULOUS job!! – and all the people who came and made it what it was. I won’t see many of you for a long time… but there will be another abstinent time. Thank you for doing what I do all around the world!


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