Today marks 6 months of abstinence for me.

The only experience I had with abstinence before this was the 18 days I white-knuckled back in Spring 2004 while I still lived in NY. I wasn’t ready. I was in NY, where there are meetings, and all the support I could possibly want… and it wasn’t enough. Now I live in MD, am an outpost, and all I have is the GreyNet and the Phonebridge… and I have 6 months.

It’s a miracle – and I thank my HP for it – but I do want to say that I have been doing the footwork to make it possible for my HP to work. Having an amazing sponsor helps, too, of course. 😉 But, back to the footwork, here’s what I’ve done and if I could do it, I hope that will give someone who’s just starting out some hope:

  • went to a meeting a day
  • did service from day 1: timing shares at phone meetings, reading stuff
  • did service from day 90: sponsored from my very first day after 90
  • began leading a phone meeting soon after my 90-day anniversary
  • qualified on meetings occasionally
  • CONSCIOUSLY redirected my thoughts whenever I found myself “romancing” the food
  • walked out, when necessary

I have been blessed with willingness, and I’ve consciously kept myself in an attitude of surrender. I pray that my HP will keep me in that place, because it’s been an easy ride – only because of this attitude.

It’s so good to be part of this family. What blessings I’ve got in those 6 months… can’t even begin to count! I’m more serene, more peaceful, I have a LIFE (and food is not it!)

Thank you all, I love you.


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