Life is good!

Life is good, really good right now. Unfortunately, my cat’s life isn’t that good… he’s scratching his ear really badly and I’m having to him to the vet today (who he *loathes*). Thank HP that it’s two days to payday and if I write a check today, by the time they use it it’ll hopefully work. Gosh, if it wasn’t for money, life would be so easy.

In other news, I think I may keep my car (maybe not… I’m just being content with what I have right now, but that’s not to say that when I have the title I won’t get rid of it after all), and my knee has gone back to OK. It just takes two days after Volleyball, two days of pain, then it’s gone. But tomorrow I won’t forget my knee brace! – That should help.

All of these are nice problems to have. I can solve them. The only problem I can’t solve is my overeating, but that’s OK, because it’s arrested. 🙂


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