I’m worth it?

This program is transforming me. It’s funny how I don’t really see it that much, but others do. My sponsor is telling me so. Yesterday, two people at church approached me and commented, one was saying that I’d lost weight, and the other one just asked me if I “felt as well as I looked”. And yes! is the answer!

Also today I got an email from the guy I had mentioned last week. I have been very open and frank about how I don’t feel we’re on the same page spiritually, and therefore, can only be friends. Today’s email said that however long it takes, however much restraint is necessary, and a few other “howevers” – he thinks I’m worth that. Now, I still have my reservations and it’s certainly his prerogative to do whatever he wants (I don’t owe him anything for it), but the idea alone: that someone who I respect thinks I’m worth all of this. Me?


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