I’m grateful for…

I didn’t write yesterday… several times I had the blank email in front of me, addressed to Greynet, but never got around to actually writing anything. That’s the downside of having Internet at work only!

Another downside is one I’m experiencing right now, actually. My office seems to have its AC vent linked together with the school cafeteria, so I usually know what’s for lunch. Seems like today, there’s something sweet, and sweets are my addiction. I’m sitting in my office, HUNGRY, and I have half an hour to go until I can have lunch.

Ah well. Staying abstinent because I’m grateful. Today I’m grateful for:

  • Feeling genuinely hungry
  • Knowing beyond doubt that another meal is coming
  • Diet soda
  • Having my own office, not having to share it
  • The beautiful day and the fun time I just had with the Kindergarten kids.

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