I think I’ve been a bit selfish on this platform, and need to make amends. Because there’s lots of people on here who have more abstinence than me, I sometimes feel like I can be a kid in Greysheet, and I act childish. Complaining about the weight gain yesterday was childish, because if I look at it as a sane adult, the weight is not the point; and even when talking about my weight problems, I should have made it clear that it’s the ADDED BENEFIT I’m not getting. The program of Greysheet certainly isn’t failing on me, on the contrary, I’m thriving on it.

Sometimes I forget that there are people who have less abstinence than I do, and when they read my posts, they need to be encouraged by them. I’m not writing on here for myself, at least not exclusively (if I needed to write for myself, I’d journal). I’m also posting on here as a service to others. This hadn’t occurred to me until this morning when I had a terrified beginner’s email in my inbox, telling me that I scared her. Goodness, I feel awful for that.

So, amends made, I will try to make sure any negative comments I make will be set in the context of the greater Greysheet experience, which, to me, is freedom and life. If there are some bumps in it, I need to identify them as bumps (not boulders).


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