Quitting coffee

I think I need to quit drinking coffee. I never used to drink it much, only as a treat maybe twice or three times a week (and then it was decaf) but since I started working in my current job, there’s always coffee around – and no decaf – and I’m realizing I got myself into a habit of at least 3 mugs per day.

It’s a strange thing. I don’t particularly like coffee, but I still have that “treat” mentality – it’s a reprieve from work. I even got myself an individual coffee press so I could make my own, decaf, but I haven’t done that in a while because I don’t have the money to buy that. So, since the office coffee is free, I drink it. And it makes me feel strange… hard to describe, just strange.

I guess I should just get over it. Just hoping to maybe hear some suggestions as to how to. I tried tea; water (of course); limiting it; but none of those “substitutes” give me that feeling of having treated myself. Strangely enough, because I like all those other things more than I do coffee.


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