The old diet madness

Yesterday I had an old memory surface, of the madness that is compulsive eating. Before I went vegan, I remember trying out a diet that was low-carb, but allowed you a one-hour window (which, apparently, is too short for the body to “switch over” from low-carb to high-carb, so the food just goes right through you. Right.) to eat “anything you want” in the evening. I suppose that was intended so people can have healthy vegetables and so-called healthy starches. Well, not me. I took it literally. All this diet did for me was teach me to speed-eat, so I’d be finished by the end of the hour. I think this is where I first learned to binge hardcore. I was 19.

Just a random memory. These buried things coming back up are a huge blessing to me, ever reminding me of how crazy I used to be. Whatever sanity I have now is totally due to my doing the footwork in Greysheet.


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