Car & Life

Car update: the dealership hasn’t even processed my paperwork yet (I bought the car on 7/23), but they say they will do so this week. Once it’s at the MVA, they have a 3-week backlog to printing titles, and once my title will be printed – in, like, the end of September – they will mail it out and that can take “a few weeks”. So I cannot even SELL my car until I have that title, and of course, can’t buy a replacement until then because I don’t have the money for another car until I’ve sold this one. AAAAAARRGHHH!

Life: is great right now. Looking forward to my AA meeting tonight, and on Friday I’ll teach my first “real class” of ESL (previously I’ve taught 1 or 2 people at a time), and on Saturday I’m off to WV for camping. If you can call it camping, since it’s only for the day. But getting out, that’s just nice.

I’m busy, loving it. 🙂 It’s like HP is giving me this one little issue – the car – to keep me from thinking I’m dreaming, because everything else is just so awesome. Of course, that attitude *could* have something to do with the fact that I’m abstinent, feel like I’ve got sanity in my life & food, and feel like I’m finally shrinking out of my clothes. (Of course, the scale will tell me if I’m imagining things, on Thursday.)


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