First day of school

Stressed today because it’s the first day of school and I’m running around like mad, trying to take pictures of everything. Not that I don’t enjoy it, though 🙂

I’m feeling good today because:

  • I have my car back (it still isn’t repaired, but having it beats not having it)
  • I went to Spinning class today… for the 2nd time this week!
  • I’m going to look at a place I might move to, after work. It’s $250/month less than I pay now, though utilities will be added which they aren’t at my current place. Still… much less money to pay for rent!

Only drawback today: my SOLES hurt! Killing me!

But, honestly, I’d rather walk on burning coals than feel the way I would if I were eating. Abstinent and SO grateful today!


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