Gratitude & Car back

I just realized today that the mantra I usually write doesn’t include the word “grateful”. Yet I am, I AM! So… today I’m abstinent and GRATEFUL. I weigh my 3 meals off the CGS and commit them to my sponsor, and I won’t eat anything I haven’t committed today – no matter what. That’s my #1 priority for today.

I’m grateful. Even if I had to stay another night at my friends’ house I would be grateful. But I didn’t have to! Got my car back last night (oh, the freedom! the independence!), without even paying. The cost to me will be $170, and I’ll send them a check as soon as I can – that’s pretty accommodating, eh? 🙂 Yet another reason for gratitude.

All these things… nice, but unimportant. I am free of food madness today. That’s what I’m grateful for.


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