Disorder & Surrender

I just wanted to put something out there… it’s strange how many people can tell me they appreciate me and other positive things, but it only takes one person to drag me down. My brain just automatically dwells on those things. And I want to put out there that no matter what Greysheeters say to me, they are personalities, and I will not place them before principles.

And the person who made me feel inadequate isn’t even a Greysheeter.

Another thing I need to say: Greysheet is not for everyone. I believe that there are two requirements to do Greysheet –

  1. having a problem with compulsive eating in the first place… life unmanageable BECAUSE of the food.
  2. surrender.

If 1) isn’t the case, I don’t think Greysheet is right for that person. It’s a lot of work, and if 1) isn’t true, I don’t feel that person should burden themselves with it. It’s only freedom to sick people. To healthy people, it’s a burden.

If 2) isn’t the case, there are lots of things that will turn one off. The time commitment… having to call at a certain time… certain foods and not having other foods…

Ah well. I’m abstinent today because 1) I totally have that disorder, and 2) I’m surrendered.


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