Back from Chicago!

Back from Chicago, exhausted and happy. What an outstanding time!

There was a great many things I learned from other GS’ers, and saw in their lives. Most of all, it was a huge gift to me to actually be in rooms with people I could see and touch.

One thing somebody said at the retreat (there are many more, but this one just hit me very much) was that the scale is our badge of honor. That’s a new concept to me… I’ve always seen, and treated, it as the tangible proof of my weakness. That’s why I always left it at home, taking weighed meals with me wherever I went rather than taking the scale and weighing food in front of others. No more! Today I have my scale with me. Yes, I also carry food, but the point is, I will go out there with my scale from now on, and use it when necessary.


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