Anticipating Chicago

I really can’t wait for Chicago. It’s an escape that keeps me going as stuff happens around here… my car, the new car, is having problems. After I bought it, I took it in to a mechanic to have all fluid levels etc. renewed so I’d start out with a clean slate. It cost me $657 (that I didn’t have). Now there’s a problem and the guy said he’d do repairs for $900 but couldn’t guarantee that these would fix the problem. (??)

So I’m taking my car back to the dealership, 100 miles away, who hopefully will be able to fix it and for less. But it means that I’ll have to get my car there today, leave it there until after Chicago, and get it Monday evening. That means that tomorrow, and Friday, and Monday, I will have to depend on others to get around – to work, to the airport… I hate it, hate inconveniencing and depending on others.

Chicago will be my escape from reality, a healthy way to escape, for a change. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to the time.


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