Powerless… over weight loss

Feeling restless today. Can’t wait to get out of work, and I have four hours to go. I feel like this day is dragging on forever!

I read something on the Greynet yesterday that really gave me food for thought: “I am powerless over my weight loss.” Oh, I sure am. I tend to get frustrated with how slow it goes (1.5 lbs. last month)… but then again… I’m not prepared to change what I eat because I love it, I’m not able to exercise the way I want to because of my knee, and that counts just about all options out. So that leaves me with powerlessness, praying, and trusting both the Greysheet and my HP.

I hate to admit it, but perhaps this slow weight loss is a blessing in disguise. Because the weight loss is so slow, it’s not a motivator to me. I can’t pin my motivation on the weight I’ve lost/am losing. Instead, I am forced to be motivated by the freedom GS give me – from compulsion, from overeating, from 24/7 obsession – and that is something that won’t go away once I have reached goal (when I’m about 70 years old, I suppose).

Ah well. Abstinent and truly grateful for what I’ve been given.


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