The car issue is resolved – turns out the smoke was because there was *too much* oil in it now, as my friend had overfilled it after he found there was none in there. So they did the oil change over again at the original company and gave me my money back. All is well, and the car runs.

For me personally, eating doesn’t seem to be very connected to emotions. I never had an urge to eat during that car crisis. However, two days after it was solved, I was out at a restaurant with friends (having my own GS meal with me) and it was *hard*. I think I’m an overeater by nature, I have no need for emotions to throw me… I want to eat when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m lonely, when I’m with people, when I’m tired and when I’m fully awake. I simply have to be on my guard all the time, and what makes it possible is the “brainwashing” – in a good sense – that I subject myself to through my sponsor, the Greynet, the phone bridge, and individual
Greysheeters. All these things wash away the old patterns by making me aware of them so I can see and eliminate them by the help of my HP.

Today, I choose to rather have the occasional thought of eating (off-GS) than the CONSTANT desperation to quit eating (off-GS).


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