The car, again!

I don’t really have anything food-related to share today; my food is in its place, and I don’t take it out of that place. Life, on the other hand, is playing games with me right now.

I had my car oil changed two weeks ago, then scraping noises started. I don’t necessarily take every rattling seriously, because my car’s kind of old, but after two weeks and progressively getting worse, I finally had a friend of mine check it out. First thing he did was check the oil, and… – there was NO OIL in there! I called the company who did the oil change, and they will check my car over for damage and refund my money. If there is damage (and since I’ve refilled the oil yesterday, the car’s smoking white clouds every so often – and I’m not talking “a little”, I mean it’s filling the road behind me!), then I don’t know who’s going to pay for this.

Feeling feelings, as you might imagine. I certainly don’t have money to get another car, cheap as it may be.

SO… I drive my smokey car around town, hoping it won’t blow up on me, but I don’t eat. Eating won’t give me a new car, anyway.


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