LA in November

I realize this is way into the future, but Jetblue is having a fare sale right now and I’m going to LA in November for a five-day conference (11/7 to 11/11, non-GS related). So, in booking my flights, I can be there on the weekends before and/or after, I’d love to use that time to be able to connect with Greysheeters in the area! But I’ll need to know if there are any meetings on weekends, if it’s better that I’m there on a Saturday (after the conference) or Sunday (before the conference) so I can plan my flights. A cheap (!!) accommodation recommendation would be very much appreciated as well, not for the time of the conference itself (I’ll be hosted) but for the weekend I stay.

Oh, and for those who know the area, is it OK to fly into Long Beach? Because that’s the airport with the sale. Any tips?


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