Having sponsees

Since I didn’t get to post yesterday because work got so busy, I do it first thing in the morning today.

There’s this one thing I really want to share… about how awesome it is to sponsor. I’ve got sponsees now, and I can’t begin to sum up all the things this teaches me. For example, I try to find middle ground between the two bad extremes of people-pleasing and going on a power trip. Both would be equally destructive. I find myself learning what it means to hold authority responsibly, and that’s an invaluable life skill! If I’m able to bring some of this into the time when/if I have children… that’ll make such a difference.

Another thing is that I was really apprehensive about whether I’ll be “good enough” for them. I’m not a 10-year b2b Greysheet miracle, I’m an almost-four-months Greysheet miracle. I may not have as much experience to draw from as others do. So… will I be enough? Will I be able to tell them just what they need to hear? All those things went through my mind before I began sponsoring. But here’s a Greysheet “motto” that works for me: it’s just today. Today, I can speak with them and not have to be something I’m not. The food is black-and-white. Having had some b2b abstinence, I can see more clearly (hindsight is 20/20!), tell them what I’ve learned, so perhaps they don’t need to make the same mistakes! But it’s not a one-way preach I’m delivering: they have things to say, too. And I’m not better than them in any way, or superior – these are adults who I fully respect. And as they share with me about their life, I may have had an experience that relates and have learned something from it that I can pass on to them.

In the end, they support my abstinence as much as I support theirs. It’s a beautiful system.


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