Calling things as they are

I’m beginning to get bored by my lunch “finger salad”. I’ve been having the same two vegetables for several months now, and though I do tend to be very repetitive in my eating, I guess the point is coming that I want to change it up a little. My criteria for it is: cheap vegetable (under 1.00 per lb.), easy to make (i.e. simply chop). Any recommendations?

I found out this weekend that I still have trouble calling my problem by its name. At least to non-GS’ers. It’s astonishing how much shame there is tied to this disease, because while with Greysheeters I know there’s no judgment, with outsiders that’s a whole different issue. This weekend, I talked with two friends of mine, both normal eaters. They were interested because they are seeing the changes in me, and because they’re just generally interested in my life – being friends. And I was perfectly happy to let them in, tell them about it… except that I found it SO hard. So hard not to beat around the bush, but just call things by their name.

My primary purpose is abstinence, though. Everything else is just… stuff. I’m not pushing myself to anything, but it’s interesting to observe my own reactions sometimes. My own shame, that I’m not so aware of by myself or with Greysheeters, but I REALLY feel it when I’m trying to speak to close friends, people who know me.


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