I’m intimidated. I’m scheduled to speak on a Phone Bridge meeting next week… eek! But I really want to do this, I’ve heard so many phone bridge qualifiers and knowing that I have to fill 20 minutes means that I’ll have to dig into my own story. Yes, dig, because my memory tends to be very selective.

But for today, I’m doing well. This week, ever since I returned from the camping trip, has been extremely relaxed – too much so for me in the long run, but good for a week. I didn’t have anywhere to go after work. This is a very unfamiliar feeling! I just finished a 10-week course on teaching English, which took up my Monday and Wednesday nights; church home groups, which usually are on Thursday nights, are out for the summer. I only have ONE, count it, ONE night per week that I’m not home right after work!

It’s unfamiliar, and not really comfortable. I’ve never been one to be home for anything other than sleep. What do I do there? I don’t have a TV (nor do I want one)… reading is all nice, but for hours and hours? I find myself trying to fill the time before I go home, by going shopping (BAD idea, I don’t have any money!), but that’s not a solution. I need a hobby that doesn’t cost me money, and I had it for a while: running. Now my knee’s busted, and running isn’t an option.

As I said, this week it’s ok, because I have a cold and need to rest anyway. But I know that starting next week I’ll be going around in circles. I just can’t do downtime. Sigh.


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