Meeting Greysheeters

I just wanted to say how much I love the Greynet. Recently, there seem to be many struggling shares, which help support my abstinence by showing me where I would end up. Other shares, from long-timers, inspire and strengthen me, and teach me how to live a practical abstinent life. Living in an outpost as I do, the Greynet (along with the Phone bridge) is really my lifeline.

Though, of course, it’s a special treat when I do get to see other Greysheeters, like I did two weekends ago in NYC and again the other day. There are a few of them in this region (I’m still perplexed that there isn’t a Greysheet community in our nation’s capital!), but none live really close by. But I faithfully contact everyone I see posting from VA or MD, in hopes of finding someone to have a face-to-face meeting with. It’s the greatest thing to meet somebody whose life you know about by their shares on the Greynet – to finally see them!


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