Bakery Shop

This week is very hectic at work. I work for a school, and this is the last week, so we’re having “Project week” – students have chosen a project they will be working on the entire week. Examples are beach volleyball, biking the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, creating fashion, dance, woodworking, and so on. There’s one group that has “Sweets” as their theme; they will be using the kitchen tomorrow. My part in all this is documentation, as I am responsible for the website, so I go around and take as many pictures as I can. So today I had to come along with the “Sweets” group, as they went to a German bakery shop for a one-hour walkthrough.

What a time for a COE like me. Talk about walking into the lion’s den!

It was one hour of looking at, smelling, and (the others, not me!) tasting various products. Seeing how they are made. I concentrated very hard on taking good pictures. It wasn’t hell, but let me tell you, I certainly did need to actively control my mind. Being offered food over and over… not letting my mind or eyes stray and even for a second DESIRE this. Perhaps because of my difficult childhood, I have a real skill of diverting my mind when I need to, but I have to be willing to do it. Thank goodness that for today, I was, and I came out of there unbruised and happy and abstinent. And most importantly, not resenting.

I really look forward to my abstinent lunch. 🙂


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