Day 86: Early morning run

I went out for a run this morning! I’m so happy with myself. Why is it that I have to make myself feel guilty for weeks until I finally do something I enjoy? And I did enjoy the run! I was out there at 4:45 this morning, it was still dark, and quite humid. Geez, I’m Austrian, we don’t do humidity. But even so, the run was absolutely beautiful! This morning I learned what “heavy, fragrant air” really is… it’s wonderful to live in the country! Running on a little road with fields on both sides, and it was just light enough to make out the fog hovering over them. No cars out at this time of day, either, just me.

Anyway, I just can’t get over how great this was this morning… 😀 of all the gifts abstinence gives me, one of the greatest ones is what my sponsor calls a “low delight treshold” – meaning that I can totally delight in small things that I wouldn’t even have noticed, or would have taken for granted before.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day, abstinently.


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