Day 85: The NYC weekend

I’m exhausted today! The weekend was awesome, but this body is getting older and not doing all that any more…

Seriously, New York was awesome, I had such a great time. It was only the second wedding I’d ever been to, and these are two friends I consider family, so with the way they did the ceremony and everything I found myself crying so much! But with happiness… this wedding was a long time coming. While there, I socialized and made a conscious decision to get out there and dance, no matter what – usually I’d be on the sidelines trying to pretend I was having fun when the issue was really my embarrassment at hauling my elephant figure out on the dance floor for everyone to see. So I’d look very awkward too, because I’d be so stiff and embarrassed. Well yesterday I made the decision that I wouldn’t care and just do it, and so I did – and had the greatest time ever! I probably wasn’t graceful to watch, but nobody did, they all had fun with me. So that was a great experience.

Then the next day, Sunday, first thing in the morning I made it to a Greysheet meeting. Promptly went to the wrong room, but luckily the qualifier had to get something from that room and saw me there. It started out pretty small but people came trickling in slowly (this was at 7:15am!). I absolutely loved sitting in a room with Greysheeters and being able to SEE them, not just HEAR! I also saw at least one familiar face, and that person recognized me too and welcomed me back (if you don’t know, I was in Greysheet *very* briefly in Spring of 2004, when I still lived in NY). More and more people came in for the next meeting, but I couldn’t stay as I had to get to church.

The church is having a 3-day fast now (mostly on water), so after the service a couple of us went to Whole Foods and then to the Park, where we sat on the meadow and they ate their fasting food and I ate my GS meal. Worked out perfectly! It was a relaxed, beautiful time, and today I’m sunburned. (sheesh, I’m SO white!)

Got home real late last night, and I’m wiped out today. But happy.


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