Day 83: Trouble with other GS’er

It’s Saturday, and I get to share? That’s because I’m at a friend’s house and they have Internet so I decided to check in briefly.

Anyway, I’m still a compulsive overeater and I weigh my 3 meals off the CGS and commit them to my sponsor. I don’t eat anything I haven’t committed, no matter what – that’s my #1 priority for today.

The wedding was wonderful. I ate my meal that I had brought with me.

I read all the emails from today, and among them was one to me personally. I had offered my advice when it wasn’t asked from me to give. The person reacted by telling me so – that I had overstepped the boundaries. I’m hurt. It hurts because my intention was to help, and in offering my advice, I obviously did harm and hurt the other person.

I feel reprimanded, and my impulse is to isolate about it and just shut up. Not respond to people personally any more, so this can’t happen again. My natural impulse wouldn’t even be to talk about this on here, but I’ll put it out there because it’s about ME… I made a mistake, I hurt a person, and guess what? When I first read that email reply, I resented. I resented the person for telling me that I had done something wrong when my sincere intention was only to help. I was hurt. Well, I’m still hurt. I guess I’m going to send out fewer emails in the next couple of (whatever?), because I have to admit, I’m discouraged.

I have to keep in mind that there are Greysheeters out there who I can safely encourage. I suppose it’s not yet my place to give advice. Maybe it’ll never be my place to give advice to anyone but my sponsor. For now, I’m going to shut up.

But I don’t eat, no matter what.


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