Day 81: Luxury problems

Gosh, I’m tired again these days. There’s a pattern there… which I’d never before noticed… I get tired around this time of the month, then I get REALLY cranky for a day or two. Well, for today I’m going to try and take care of myself by going to bed as early as I can, because tomorrow I’m getting the rental car at 5pm to go up to NY, which will be about 5-6 hours. So I won’t be there until 10 or 11pm, which is very late for me – and I don’t want to be driving while tired.

So today, the school has a cookout in this country club, and all the colleagues are there. Can’t not come, but what I’m going to do is go home before it (between work and the event) to prepare my meals for tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday, and to pack. Then I’ll go to the cookout, eat my dinner (take it along!), and make my excuses asap. That should be pretty reasonable.

I keep fretting because money is so tight. Now I’m renting a car for the weekend (mine would never make it up there!) on a very good rate, but still, I’ll have to pay for gas and tolls. I’m so worried it won’t be enough. When I come home, I still have three more days to go to the next paycheck and I don’t think I’ll have enough food. This is from someone who doesn’t have any credit history in this country, in other words, no credit cards or any other ways to get some money before the paycheck arrives. So I worry. But I’m putting it out there, out in the open, so the worry doesn’t take on a life of its own… which it does sometimes.


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