Day 78: Going to any length

First of all I wanted to say how amazing this community is. When I felt so depressed last week about the 1-lb. weight loss, so many people got back to me with encouragement, hope, and most of all, compassion. Thank you, friends.

This weekend was a little bit testy, too – to my commitment in the little things. Twice I had to go to “any lengths” to get my CGS abstinent food. On Friday, I was invited over for dinner with a friend. Now, I do that a lot, and the way it works is I bring my own food except for one oval protein, which I take from the host (better than transporting it raw!). So that Friday, I did my groceries for the week and then went to that friend for dinner… and then it turned out that she didn’t have my protein! She would probably have had other acceptable proteins, so my choice was to make a food change or go to the store. So I went to the store.

Then the very next day, I was on my way to church when I realized, half-way, that I didn’t have my cell phone with me. Without my cell, I don’t have my sponsor’s number, and I have to call my sponsor half an hour before the church service. I know I could have just not called and that my food would have been 100% GS anyway – BUT, I’m not going to give the disease that kind of foothold. It would have been willful, because I did have the chance to go home (a 15-minute drive) to retrieve the phone. So I did.

These are just minor things, but I know that I need to be willing in them. For today, I am.

Oh, and did I say, I’m TOTALLY EXCITED about going to NYC next weekend!! REAL, LIVE, 3D MEETINGS!!


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