Day 75: Inescapable Greysheet

It’s been two days in a row that I posted and my mail never arrived. Well, let’s see how this one fares.

Why is Greysheet better than anything else I’ve ever tried?

I’ve been asking myself that question, because I was so frustrated about the lack of weight loss. What sets Greysheet apart, why don’t I just go try something else? The main answer, for me, is its simplicity. My mind doesn’t have to revolve around food 24/7. For this food addict, it doesn’t matter if I’m eating well or on a binge spell: my mind will revolve around food ALL the time.

With Greysheet, it doesn’t, especially now that I’ve come into a routine and know what to buy where (where it’s cheapest!), what to make for lunch/dinner… it’s all routine. I don’t have to think about food. When I get hungry, I simply look forward to the next meal, but I don’t have to obsess about it because it’s already committed and planned.

On diets, I’d be figuring out percentages of fat/carbs/proteins, figuring out calories, twisting a little here and a little there, weighing daily and getting frustrated, and eventually binging. That’s not how it is on Greysheet. I intentionally refuse to figure out the calories I eat daily, or the fat, or the carbs. I eat off the CGS, but I take the freedom to eat ANYTHING I want from it. It’s limited enough as it is 😉 and those are healthy limits. Limiting further would only bring back the obsession, and then my refuge would be lost – then I’d have the obsession even within Greysheet. I can’t let that happen.

So for today, I look forward to my weighed lunch, and hope that this mail gets through.


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